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I recently rediscovered this site and must say, I am in complete AWE.

I've always been extremely partial to Halloween. The boyfriend thinks I'm going to go "overboard" with outside displays, and probably thinks I'm a nut for being so into Halloween..I can't wait to share this site, especially the pictures, with him...lol.

I can point and say, "Look! LOOK at these people! They are HARDCORE!" while he bitches about my fanatic buying of Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, Jo-ann's, ebay, etc., for that "perfect" something I want.

Good Gosh..I accompanied him to Lowe's! The MAN STORE. Just so I could check out ahem, possible H'ween things. I even OFFERED to buy him a new vice-grip so he could cut my halloween stakes for tombstones better. Sheesh...what more does a girl have to do??

It took me like 4 days to get my re-register and new login info to work so I could post..I was just freaking giddy at the thought of being able to join in. (there needs to be a "giddy" emoticon but beats hell out of me what it would actually be).

And, with that comment, I will continue to finish my meager, puny little yard display and someday hope to be like all you guys.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my cemetery/zombie/scary pumpkin yard surrounded by 2 neighbors who have like...fricking Casper and funny/nice/friendly things out. (Tell me , what does an inflatible Tigger have to do with Halloween? I'd really like to know..I say that everytime I drive by that house).

I'll be the weirdo on the block.

And, I must give credit..whomever made the suggestion of using Liquid Nails to adhere wooden ground stakes on styrofoam...thank you.

Oh...I have a black PT Cruiser..I'm still contemplating how I can incorporate that into yard scenario..you know..hearse looking.:)


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Welcome to the forum!

We've got all levels - beginner to professional - on here so no matter what your experience, you'll fit right in. :D
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