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Gauging interest in bringing products to market.

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Would there be interest in me offering various air/water/fire cannons, distribution manifolds, reservoir tanks, or "haunted arcade games" (an arcade cabinet with a monitor and a button to trigger an air cannon or similar prop either in the haunt or que line) these can be either coin operated or free. Basically I have been building a few different things for our haunt and would love to offer them to the public. I can build an air cannon as cheap as $100 which is very simple and suitable for the home haunter or can go all out and have a proper air cannon with a proper pneumatic valve that shoots a mist of water that is triggered by a triggering pad in the floor. Or I can set you up with a whole pneumatic system from compressor to tanks to manifolds to cannons. This is something that I do in my free time not as my primary income so my prices would be much lower then actual merchants. If i manage to get enough interest between these forums and haunted house forums I would go to TW with these products but would need interest/orders before i committed to the conference. As everything is built to order you get exactly what you want and we can work within any budget to get there. If you want something simple and economical we can do that, if you need something to stand up to commercial use then we can do that to and anywhere in between.

I recently had some interest in the "haunted arcade game" and roughly estimated a cost of around $200 for just the cabinet itself with monitor, power and trigger.. Add roughly $50ish for the camera and as low as $100ish for a simple air cannon and you have a basic "haunted arcade game" for AROUND $350. Now that price is just a estimate but should be fairly close. If you want artwork on the cabinet thats an option as well as many other bells and whistles. I can go as simple as you can afford or as crazy as you can imagine with this and any of the products I offer and all products will be thoroughly tested to my high standards of quality and reliability, I will not ship a substandard product.


here is an example of my personal concussion cannon which is triggered by a remote with a master switch and a triggering button. This would sell for $100 by itself or $150 with the remote.

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I really like the idea of the air or fire canon. I would be interested in one of these with a remote. I'm also glad to see that you aren't making it out of pvc. I use an air compressor and with all the props I use, I think I would blow the hell out of pvc. Let me know if you get enough interest in the canons.
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