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20170917_130226 cropped.jpg
20170917_115005 cropped.jpg

Added a couple eyeballs in the palm of the hands in one of the two Reapers

20170917_130221 cropped.jpg

Well.....nothing like having a heart attack so I could take time out for a big Halloween project ;)

I've used a Gemmi blowup Reaper at my front gate for years and have had replacing it in mind for quite some time but always found some other project to do.

So I've had the last 4 weeks off and I've never been one to sit on my *** and do nothing so I went to one of my favorite things in the world to do MAKE HALLOWEEN PROPS!

So they look short at about 4 1/2 feet but they go on top of my chain link fence posts for an additional 4 feet so when on the fence they will be 8 1/2 feet tall and very menacing. Easier to store in the garage as 4 1/2 foot Reapers than 8 1/2 foot Reapers.

Next step fog blowing out of the mouths and hopefully time to add some deep Reaper voice triggered by a motion detector.
One Reaper will have one of my Lanterns in his hand

1. The Hands

20170723_115242 cropped.jpg

20170723_144203 cropped.jpg

The hands are built with a plywood palm, with craft wire for the fingers, covered in foam (soft foam packing material) and masking tape then tin foil for enlarging the knuckles and shaping, after that they were Paper Mache'd, 2 layers. Covered with Spar Varnish. On the last step I used liquid latex and tissue to crinkle into a loose skin like texture. Painted in latex again and last another coat of Spar Varnish to seal from our Seattle rainy weather.

I wanted hands 3 times the size of most normal human sized hands so I made them from scratch.

2. The Reapers

I used some aluminum stock I had to make a base that was sturdy and waterproof so I could attach it to the fence posts and not worry about any kids getting hurt.

20170829_122030 cropped.jpg
20170911_112408 cropped.jpg

Each reaper is about 15 lbs total painted so they wont be any problem on the fence all tested out.
I attached the screen with screws to build the basic form then shaped to the desired reaper form.

20170831_135324 cropped.jpg

I didnt want to use Monster mud as its to heavy so the burlap was coated with Dry Lock, then painted with grey and black spray paint and dry brushed white with some left over house paint.

20170915_123747 cropped.jpg

I used a pipe to extend up through the Reapers to balance them on the fence posts

I added a 2" pipe inside the Reapers so I could simply slide the reapers onto the pipe like the following photo

20170915_172717 cropped.jpg

20170915_122949 cropped.jpg

Here is more detail of the hands while adding latex and tissue,

20170916_140629 cropped.jpg

Here is more detail of the hands while painting

20170917_112656 cropped.jpg

I realize I need to take a photo of my hand with the Reaper hands to show the size of them

Next I need to make a skirt for each to extend the robe down to the ground, Ill post some photos after the skirts are together

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These guys are awesone!! Great workmanship!!! Best wishes on a speedy recovery!!! Its so very hard to sit on your duff, but take it easy!:)

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I hope you get better. I totally know what your going through. I myself had a ruptured brain auerysm last year on 9 of Oct. I made it out of the hospital just in time for Halloween. I was so happy. So far, I have had 4 surgeries on the brain. It's sometimes hard for me to stay concentrated on one project. You did a really great job on the reapers. I also like the hands. especially with the eyes. That looks goulish.
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