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Gargoyle Pedestal

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Pedestal for $8.00 a few weeks ago at the local flea market:

Gargoyle this morning from Christmas Tree Shops for $12.99:

Patina kit $4.99 from local job lot store:

Gargoyle pedestal -- priceless:

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Very impressive!
Wow! Looks like they were made for each other!
Very professional looking job!
Great job. The gargoyle looks kind of dopey, with its big white smile. Your paint job really scares it up. Much better and menacing.
WOW! Awsome... I love your pillar (quite jealous actually hehe)! I got three different pillars from craigslist a few weeks ago but I certainly paid more for each than you did!
Thanks so much for all the compliments! This gargoyle is definitely worth $12.99 at Christmas Tree Shops -- even just the base coat of paint made him look way more evil -- he's really got good definition and is a great looking gargoyle and his wings are stunning when they are unfolded, but you can't tell that when you first see him in store because of the dorky paint job and the wings are folded under. Matter of fact, I think I'm going to get a couple more of them!

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Yeah, I have to agree with Thorn.. when I first saw the Gargoyle, I thought it looked stupid and that I'd never have something so lame. Boy was I wrong. Your paint job did a great job of transforming it. Well done!!
Saw similar gargoyles at Lowes and passed them right up as I thought they really looked stupid, your paint and presentation has changed my mind and since i already own two pedestal columns, I think I've got another easy project! Thanks for posting.
Love what you did with them! They look fantastic! :cool:

That gargoyle is the almost (may be even) same one I've seen in Walgreens and Garden Ridge for those that are looking...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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