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Gargoyle Number Three - Finished!

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Just finished him up this morning - only three more to go!

Sculpture Statue Art Gargoyle Figurine

Sculpture Dragon Figurine Statue Gargoyle

Sculpture Statue Art Fictional character

Tree Plant Art Sculpture

Sculpture Statue Figurine Dragon Fictional character

Sculpture Stone carving Statue Art Carving

The trio together:

Elephant Art Elephants and Mammoths Sculpture Street art
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wow. that is fantastic what is it made of?
For those who might be interested, here are a couple albums with pics taken at various stages of construction:

Gargoyle Three Construction

Gargoyle Construction (beginning stages)
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wow. that is fantastic what is it made of?
Thank you :) He's my favorite so far - pop bottles, tape, hot glue, cardboard, paper mache and paper mache clay. I posted a link to the construction pics :)
Outstanding! The fact that these are paper mache makes it even more amazing.

So cool!
Very nice work :)
Beautiful job! Can't decide which one I like best-each has their own personality.
These are so cool!
Those are awesome. I love the ingenuity of reusing what you already have to build. You are very talented.
Very inspiring - Thanks Bill
Fantastic Gargoyles!! I Love the little differences in each statue and the fact that this does not distract from the overall feel that they very much belong together is wonderful.
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