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Just wanted to see how others are doing at garage sales? We head out over lunch break on Thursdays and Fridays and hit up a half dozen or so. Getting real good at identify potential halloween sales just from the road before we stop. There is just different types of sales, like old people sales are generally just good to keep driving on by.

Each time I have come back with at least something. Usually its small items. Skulls, cauldrons, lights etc. Probably my favorite so far is an old wolf man mask that I picked up for a dollar. I kind of wonder if it is a collectors item in some circles.

So how is your garage sale hunting been going?
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i love yard sales!

especially the 'old people' ones! You keep right on driving by them because that leaves all the good stuff for me!

old suits for costumes, old costumes...vintage decorations, things that can be creepified with little work..ive gotten more than a few things that didnt really need any paint..lol
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