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garage sales are in the air - $3.50 find

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garage sales have started. i have gone to two, but no luck. my daughter went to 5 today and for $3.50 at one of them she scored me some sweet finds. the overstuffed bat had 2 inches in a seem that needs to be resewed. the candlelabra has never even been out of the package. the dress is bright orange. in the picture the orange doesn't show up well. and the hat is like brand new.
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I would, but my digital camera's on the fritz, but I'll describe it. It's kinda cutesy, but it did come with 3 C7 bulbs for my regular candle-shaped sockets. It has the face of a gentle old man on the main part of the tree, with the branches holding the bulbs. TBH, I only got it for the bulbs, I like the more traditional candelabra myself.
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