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Garage Mausoleum

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So, I've been kinda dormant with building for a while. This year I decided to go big or go home:) Early September I got the idea to do a crypt wall over the garage door, thanks to others on here. Well then I decided to up the anti a little bit and add a little "shock" factor. So, I started designing the second weekend of September and started gathering materials the next weekend. I "finished" at 8pm on the 30th! It's not 100% yet, gotta work on a few things but all went well Halloween night. Hopefully the pictures actually post......never posted pictures before. I couldn't post the video with the pictures so I'll try posting those separate.


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Well, I can't get the video to download. I'll try again later. There's more to this wall than meets the eye!!!
That is a very cool Garage Mausoleum. Are you still able to use your garage or once you set it up your vehicle has to be parked outside?
Thanks ChickenBoy. It pretty much consumes the entire garage. I've got a fog machine, fog chiller and piping running to each of those "grates" at the bottom. There are also RGB lights and strobes that are controlled by computer software. If I can get the video downloaded you'll get to see what takes up the most space!
Well, I discovered that most of my video didn't come out so good but......here's what I have. Not sure what happened to the sound, I'll have to work on that.

This is my first build in a couple years. It's not completely done yet but I guess nothing really is, right? I got some good screams out of it anyway:) Thanks to buttonbanger.com and fatalmentality.com the controller worked flawlessly. My goal for next year is to fully animate it.
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Awesome, i'm always looking for idea's for my garage doors, I like the mausoleum idea, I saw a pic of another one around here somewhere that looked good too and I was thinking of adding more to it. But you already have, I better get cracking, only 358 days to go!
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