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After 14 years my daughter finally wants to make a garage haunt! Originally she wanted to do it at the neighbor's house. :(
But the neighbor backed out.:D So, daddy's up. We are going to have 7 teenagers as actors so I am very excited.
Below are the plans and today work so far. I will have to admit that I got the Idea from HalloweenSnob's garage haunt. I got a chance to help him out back in Feb. and I really like the ideas he had. I did make a few substitutions. I am using 2x2x8 and lawn fabric. The panels are light weight and came out pretty clean.

I under estimated the qty of materials I need, so tomorrow, back to HD. In the mean time I updated the material list on my plan so if anyone want to try it they won’t make the same mistake.

I did not screw the panels together for the pic. (I still have to move them up stairs to the garage.) I just want to give an idea of how it might look.
Thre are more pics in my 2014 album.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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