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Garage Haunt for sale

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EDIT: OK, we are down to needing $2000 for the Susan G Komen 3-day for the Cure, so I'm willing to let the WHOLE haunt go for $2000. You get walls, props, two huge bins of costumes, makeup, lights, EVERYTHING for $2000. The walls, squeeze walls (claustrophobia hall), air cannon, and drop wall are worth that...and you get so much more! Everything will be packed in plastic bins except for the larger props, which are mostly in boxes.
I have had a haunt in my garage for 5 years, but we are moving and can't take it with us. I'd like to sell it in one batch if possible. We have wood tongue and groove walls that are painted black (1/4" OSB and 2 x 4's). The cost of this haunt was well over $5000, and that doesn't include the labor we put in. I will include costumes that we used for our actors, and even some of our electric cords and power strips.

We are asking $3000 (NOW ONLY $2000). We're trying to sell quickly so we can use some of this money as a donation to Susan G Komen 3-day in November.
We live in the Akron area of Ohio.

Here is the link to the photos on Flickr. If you see anything on the list that doesn't have a photo, let me know and I'll run out and take one:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157648637749577/

Here is a partial list of what is included...there are a lot of misc things (wall coverings, etc) that are not listed but will be included. A ? means I have not been out to count exactly how many of that item we have.

electric shock guy - costume
shock chair and prop
coffin - a real wooden coffin
coffin table
candlabras - 2
big spider
spider egg pods - 3
victim in cocoon
zombie babies (3)
rocking chair
pack and play
white reaper
el wire - 10
tulle columns - 2
light up tree - 2
two way mirror wall
grab wall
drop wall
infrared camera
table to make it look like someone is cut in half
bubble tubes - 2
8' squeeze wall
hockey masks - 15?
severed hands - 16?
creepy hand tea light holder - 9
pictures for a portrait hallway
mp3 sound board - 2
beam sensor triggers - 2
camo netting
air cannon
black light fluorescent bulb - 48"
black light small bulbs - 20?
perfect storm lightning machine
doorways - 15
creepy cloth - many used and many unopened
rising from the grave reaper
chains and noodles
clamp lights - 12?
skull walls - 2
webcaster gun
brick façade - 3
medium spiders - 8
Blue Violet Purple Black Cobalt blue
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I edited the original post to say that we are willing to take $2000 if you take it all! We need the money for Susan G Komen 3-day, and we also need it out of our garage because we are moving. Please contact me if you are interested!

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