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Garage Drop Ceiling

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This is kind of like the "Endless hallways" ceiling discussion thread.

I have built a drop ceiling frame (see link) and now pondering on how to cover it.

I have a roll of 20"x100" Black Plastic (easier to store but I bet it sags), I have a black 10x20ft EZ Pop Up Canopy Top Replacement (it's complicated), but also have my eye on Home Depot 10-Pack 4'x8' Corrugated Plastic Sheet for $140 (less sag but takes more storage space and have to paint it because the other colors are 2 times more expensive.).

Any one have any experience with the Home Depot Corrugated Plastic Sheets or have any other ideas?

I expect Kindo to recommend foam, bfjou812 to "make" me buy a new tool, and J-Man to suggest something that involves an oscilloscope :)

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If you have both tarp 'ends' start at the floor and go over the pipes you can weigh them down with a length of wood - or chucks of 4x4. If the top still sags, you can run a wood board vertical to your cross beams and then staple left over tarp to cover up that support board.

However, sometimes, a tarp sag looks GREAT in a haunt. I try to avoid square corners and neat looking lines.
Love the idea of FISHING line (he says thinking how he could incorporate that into his event this year)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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