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Garage Drop Ceiling

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This is kind of like the "Endless hallways" ceiling discussion thread.

I have built a drop ceiling frame (see link) and now pondering on how to cover it.

I have a roll of 20"x100" Black Plastic (easier to store but I bet it sags), I have a black 10x20ft EZ Pop Up Canopy Top Replacement (it's complicated), but also have my eye on Home Depot 10-Pack 4'x8' Corrugated Plastic Sheet for $140 (less sag but takes more storage space and have to paint it because the other colors are 2 times more expensive.).

Any one have any experience with the Home Depot Corrugated Plastic Sheets or have any other ideas?

I expect Kindo to recommend foam, bfjou812 to "make" me buy a new tool, and J-Man to suggest something that involves an oscilloscope :)

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I do a section of our walkthrough that is pvc pipe (for fog!) with a couple pieces of (donated) plastic lattice on top, then covered in black plastic. The lattice isn't quite wide enough, but I zip-tie it on and it doesn't sag much, and it provides good attachment points for both the plastic and the foam pipe insulation maze. Black zip ties, haunter's best friend. It does weigh quite a bit, so this needs sturdy support to the ground and good connections in the pvc - I have an elaborate system of the pvc frame up top supported by 4x4 posts from our permanent arbor, several shepherd's hooks, a clothes rack that also holds the fog machine, and a set of old wooden doors that form a "wall" at the end.

TLDR: plastic lattice
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