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Garage Door Blood Help!

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We are doing a zombie themed driveway haunt this year, and in addition to a hoard of zombies I want to put smear some fake blood and put bloody hand prints all over the garage doors. What can I use for blood that will easily wash off of white garage doors??
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I've been wondering a similar thing as I wanted to have fake blood in the bathroom for the party... It's not long done up though so didn't wan't to have to scrub dye off the bath etc, or worse, have staining!

Unsure how a mix of tomato and BBQ sauce would look...

Edit: I found this.... http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_8264824_make-fake-blood-ketchup.html
Would the bloody gel clings / window clings stick to your garage door/walls? That comes to mind...I have seen the clings in most Walgreens, dollar tree, etc.
I would try the bloody gel clings that you can buy. If you apply them strategically they should look fairly real (ie don't do what I have seen so many people do and put a 8 inch piece of blood drips randomly in the middle of a window, lol that drives me nuts)


Places like Dollar Tree and Walmart carry them.
Do a test of those bloody clings. People in the past have indicated some have stained what they put it on. Probably not glass but not sure about painted surfaces. I remember one year someone being horrified that the clings they put on their new white refrigerator stained it.
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What if you do the bloody hand prints & smears all over thin cardboard or heavy paperstock, and then cut it out & then attach it to the garage door? Then you won't have to worry about anything staining, and if they peel off well, you can reuse them. Maybe you could even buy a clear shower curtain from the dollar store and hang it from the garage door or cut that up - shouldn't be noticeable in the dark.
If you could somehow manage to find a giant roll of plastic wrap you could cover the door pretty easy and simply paint it to make it look pretty realistic! If not, I'm sure they sell those wall room wall backdrops in a bloody form.
The idea of a paper/posterboard cover is prettty good. Most overhead doors are sectional so seams in the paper would disappear. I would get a roll of rosin paper from HD/Lowes its a bit thicker than a paper shopping bag and impregnated with rosin so its pretty moisture resistant. Its designed to protect floors during paint/construction. Paint the same color as your garage and then add the horror. Most garages have an overhanging eve so this should last the month.

Another option is hershey syrup or another brown media. Yes its black/brown but so is dried blood. With good light it will look real. Red die (pun intended) seems to be really nasty on white, this may have less staining potential. Of course test anything first. Cool part is by using food/sugar the flys/bugs will really add to the effect.
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Or you can make your own from contact paper and attach. Wont stain walls. I did my nuclear fallout drips a couple of years ago with contact paper. Maybe use clear and stain red.
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