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Game we played at my party that went well.

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The game we played was like Name that Tune/Family Feud. One player from each team would come up and I would play a song, With our Theme Black & White ( a touch of Red would be alright ) I would play a song that either the Title or the Artist had Black and/or White They would buzz in (with light-up screaming toys) I would stop the song, They could answer song title OR artist, if they get a right answer they can follow up with other answer. If they didn't get the answer or the follow up answer it would go to the other player to answer, if they don't know it then the teams can help answer.

I asked for 8 people who wanted to play and then I put them in their group of 4, I had a list of about 20 Team names that they picked from, again with B&W the names were Skunk, Tuxedo, Oreo etc.

We played 4 rounds with a break in between each & 2 play off rounds, by the last play off round some players had left and let teams pick the replacements.

I had a basket of quality Chocolates from the local Chocolate store for winners to choose from.

It was fun and it also got team members, some who didn't know each other, to mingle.
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That sounds like a lot of fun. I love the screaming toys, what a great idea.
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