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Last fall bought a great big craft pumpkin on clearance at Michaels, an enormous Cinderella style, planning to fix the broken head of my scarecrow. (Always gets blown over in the wind and cracks the face. This year I'm mounting it on a rebar stake instead of a patio umbrella weight.)

Today I go to carve it and it turns out it is -solid- Styrofoam! Oh well, at least I found out by trying the top, which has a fall leaf garland around it. Looks like Jack is going to have painted eyes and no light this year. Rats. Maybe I will Dremel out the face next year.

On the bright side, the head was incredibly easy to mount; I drilled a slightly too small hole and forced it on to the pipe

In case it saves anyone else the same hassle, it's one of the ones like in this craft project.
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