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FYI Fright Catalog

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I was just checking out the fright catalog site and saw that they have $0.01 auctions on ebay. Lots of cool masks and costumes.
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I have gotten several items from Fright Catalog on the ebay website. The masks and costumes that I have looked at or bought, had $9.99 shipping for the first item and $4.00 an item after that, when you combine the purchases. The shipping is super fast. My order has always been correct and even with shipping, the items I bought were 1/2 or less than retail.

The only things that I have seen that had higher shipping costs, were items that had to be shipped by themselves either because of size or the possiblity of getting damages. I am very happy with my purchases and I have ordered from them for at least 3 years. I have bought things from their website, but look forward to their penny auctions. I would recommend them.

I know that quite a few sellers make up their sale prices with high shipping cost, but in my opinion if you buy more than one item from FC, then I think it is reasonable. Especially with the customer service you receive.

I always check out shipping costs on any website before I place an order because there are other places besides ebay that have high cost. To check out shipping costs before hand, is good advice UknowMyname
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