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Haunters have been doing projection-based mannequin head projects for Halloween (ie Madame Leota, Disney's Haunted Mansion Ghosts) for quite some time now. Furhat Robot is taking that to another level and with AI. Saw a story about Furhat in today's DailyMail -- a mix of news and trash in my opinion but usually with some great news stories with nice photo coverage -- and worth checking out all the same. The DailyMail story had links to a story run in the Business section of the The Times & The Sunday Times (UK publications) but subscription based so not viewable unless a subscriber.

Here's the link to the Furhat Robt company site:


These are actually orderable. According to the DM story, the hardware and a software development kit runs $15,000.

and if you want to check out the DailyMail site here's the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5121491/Furhat-mannequin-robots-feel-like-alive.html . The article says that Disney is using one of the robots to tell interactive stories to children.

OK, not even remotely a Furhat Robot, but posting this anyway. Still projection worthy though...:D

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