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Beautiful, sunny Summer day.Small farm- town. Parade time !
We are standing on a Street corner. My now "Ex" plus her Sister ("Man-hungry"!)
I see what my Sister-in-Law sees.
A young virile Farmer pulls up to the Stop sign next to us, Stops.
"Miss "Man-hungry" turns,sees him, turns back looking at my Ex and myself, saying:"The Man of my Dreams!" As he then drives on through the Stop sign.
As my Ex turns to see who (or "What?") her sister was talking about, both women turn to look.. the Farmer is gone, replaced by an elderly gentleman with two canes hobbling toward us all from the other side of the street. (He bore a resemblance to the late Harlan Sanders-Col, Sanders of Kentucky fried Chicken fame)
Jim said:"You just want Him for that social-security check!"
It all was so smooth and funny, it was like a comedy set-up from a movie, and we all got out "lines" right!
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