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A couple were here at Ravens Grin last night for a tour of the house. My Wife warned them if I got "Talking" it could be a long house tour (I feel the need to express myself)
Both the girl and guy work in a Haunt near Chicago and they bared the weather to see my house, he has been here maybe 10 times and he was bringing her here for her first time!
Not only did "Jim" get to "talking" but all three of us did and as always it was fun and interesting!
He went down the Bad Dream bed slide first.
As she was about on her way following him I quickly told her I had adjusted the ride , and that she would be finding herself alone in another room!
Later she said as she felt a slight curve to the left in the slide that she thought I may have actually done such a thing to influence the destination of her experience! hahahah!
This has been a Very Slow Month. Everyday it has either been snowing or is a minus 30 degree wind chill here in Northwestern Illinois, which kind of keeps most people at home....unless you are a haunter and want to satisfy your curiosity about the legends concerning the mythical Ravens Grin Inn in Mount Carroll, Illinois, that is...
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