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Fun in the sun...

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My in-law's family reunion was this last weekend. And, other than being assigned to be the camp chef for some 28 people, it was fairly nice.

(can you tell he's my son?)

We were at Bear lake, which, for those of you not from around these parts, is a nice sandy beach, complete with shells and all here in the middle of the rocky's. So, while surfing is out, most other beach activities apply.

With balmy water temps of 65 degrees and all...:eek: But, my kids inherited my polar-bear blood, and didn't mind at all.

One would be remiss to go to the beach and not enter the family sand castle competition, though. Hmmm...wonder what family made that one...

(can't believe we didn't get a pic of the completed one with white shell teeth and all...)
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