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Fun House / Carnival Theme Our behind the scenes for you

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Hello All,
I see that a lot of you on here want to do a carnival theme. Last year we did a Fun House Theme Haunt. It was fantastic. I wanted to share with you our pictures and behind the scenes video we just posted. We always do a story to our haunt and design the haunt to the story. We do a lot of acting. We are very scary and most of it is due to the story and getting our clients (victims) involved into that story. We change the theme/story every year. This is done at my house and we charge a can of food to go through. This will be our 14th year doing it this halloween. I welcome questions. I would love to share our knowledge with you all. We are told every year that we are better than the local PRO Haunts. We are located in South Jersey. Please enjoy the links below. The pics and videos are on our Facebook page. Thanks
Jon "Monster" Martin