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Hello! I am new to this forum but I need some input. I am making a full body hair suit for my halloween costume this year. Attempting to replicate Teen Wolf circa 1985. My idea is to create a suit from full body nude/brown Zentai suit and attach costume hair to the whole thing, layering it from the bottom up then trimming the hair to look "natural".

Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of adhesive to use on the suit that will allow it to stretch with the suit? I am working on getting a mannequin so I can create it with the suit alreay stretched but not sure what adhesive will stay intact as I am wearing and moving around in the suite.

First thought was airisol spray adhesive...what do you think?

Thanks for the input. If I am able to figure this out I will be posting pics as its created.

Also, if anyone knows of a great place to buy lots of prosthetic hair...I will be needing it!
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