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This is probably only for the UK buyers as it's still easily available to buy in the states as far as I'm aware.

Looking to part with a couple of items, will add more as I find them.

Bought with the intention of using it but realised since I probably won't because I'm now leaning towards more expensive props. It's brand new, never been taken out of the box or setup, the box has only been opened to check contents and the motor plugged in to check that the motion and sounds work, which they obviously do absolutely perfectly. This is a brand new item, just an opened box.

Looking for £300 posted.

Yes I know it's cheaper in the states but you have to factor import duty and hefty shipping added onto UK sales.

Plus, this way, you'll get it in days rather than weeks.


If I don't receive any interest for it within the next few weeks, I'll withdraw it and keep it.

If you're interested PM me.
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