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I have a corner house, and it actually makes more sense for me to set up in my backyard, as I do every year. With a simple chain link fence, people can see right into my backyard and that street is the busier street, so I know more people see my set-up. And it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. If I can get it all together, this year it should be really noticeable that I have added stuff.

I also live right across the street from a school, so I am sure that if I set up in my front yard, it would get damaged. So far in the four years or so that I have been doing my set up I have yet to have any problem with vandals.

I also start setting up as soon as I can get away with it, often near the end of September, and just keep working on it all up until the day of.

I've never done a walk through for my house, and really don't plan to. It sounds like too much work for only a night's set-up and I really don't want to stay home on Halloween. I would rather be out trick-or-treating with my boys.
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