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Hi everyone.
I guess it's about time I properly introduced myself

I've been hangin" out around here for quite some years now but always have been somewhat of a lurker
I decided it's time I joined the fun so here I am.

I'm from the Netherlands and Halloween is slowly gaining terrain in these parts of the globe.
My DH and I try to throw quite an elaborate Halloweenparty every other year. Doing up the house, a themed party with usually a scripted murder mystery.
Our friends and family go all in with caractercostumes and take really active part in solving the mystery.

I have been getting lots of inspiration and brilliant tips and ideas out of this forum.
So thanks for all that
I'm looking forward to being a bit more active .

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So glad you stepped out of the shadows! Welcome! :)

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Welcome! I got to visit your country back in the 80's. Had 2 different interns from Akzo Nobel stay with me while they were here & ended up going over there to visit so they could show me around. Was a very memorable trip, especially Keukenhof Gardens when all the tulips were blooming.
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