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Froggysfog haunted house or gothic for indoor?

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I've found a few threads about froggysfog scents, but it seems they are all from folks with either an outdoor graveyard scene or a butcher shop scene.

I am hosting a 'Demon's Ball' this year, indoors, with my normal excessive amount of attention to detail. We will have a low-lying fogger putting out just enough fog to set the mood along with the several hundred flameless red votive candles providing the only light. I would love to add a smell, because smells REALLY set the mood and stick with people more than anything else.

So, if any of you have used a fog-based smell (or candles, or any other smell) for indoors that is creepy but not 'yuck' (we are serving food. Granted, that food is an actual goat's head and actual scorpions and bugs and actual fried rats on a stick (I live in Africa, so this stuff is sold in the rural marketplaces but still will freak out my mostly urban friends... ha!) other nice bits like black pasta and whatnot - but still, the idea is that folks will eat. I'm looking for creepy, not gross.) I would go with mildew, but am hesitant only because our houses here are often truly full of mildew and I think my guests would be more likely to tell me that I need to get some maintenance done rather than feel creeped out.

How is Froggysfog Haunted House or Gothic? Either of those been used by any of you and recommended for an indoor event?

Any feedback much appreciated!
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Well I'm not familiar with these at all so I went to the site to check it out. I had hoped to find a description of the scents but I couldn't find anything like this. So my instinct says go with the Gothic. Haunted House seems like it would be musty or moldy. I was looking to see if any of them had more of a patchouli type scent or something similiar but again, there doesn't seem to be a detailed descripton. But of all the ones I saw listed gothic seems the best. They had the selection of getting a sample package that contained both haunted house and gothic, maybe you should try that.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I know, there's essentially no description I can find anywhere of those scents. I did just now go with the sample set, and will post my own description once they arrive in case anyone on this forum is interested. I also ordered a little cologne sized "hell" - just because it seemed intriguing...
As a member of the scent-averse, I'd like to say don't. Not indoors, in particular. Outside, you can get away from things but indoors if it ends up being overpowering or just unpleasant there's no escaping. I can't handle strong perfumes, the mall can be a nightmare, and those fog scents tend to be quite potent. Something to consider.

I'd be concerned about a lingering scent as well. From what I remember, the scent packets seemed to be kind of...sticky and oily?

One burst at some point on its journey to us via the post office (which I'm sure they loved). Just a tiny leak, not a mess, but it gave a crypt like odor to our box. Later, enclosed in plastic packaging, and the mailing envelope, and a ziploc bag - and you could still smell it.
Just as an update.

I'm taking note of the possibility of scent-averse folks at our party, so will be spraying some black roses and 2 ghouls that will be hanging up, but nothing more.

I went ahead and bought froggysfog "gothic" and "hell." They were like little personal cologne sprays or something like that, so not expensive, small bottles, and not overpowering scent. Neither one smells very bad. The one called "gothic" is a little bland and the one called "hell" almost smells a bit like cinnamon. I'm putting gothic on the black roses and, on the far other side of the house, hell on the 2 hanging ghouls.
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