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Froggys Fog 20% and free ship through 4/23 for HauntX attendees

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Ye Be Warned, This code is meant for hauntx attendees only, and the email said you had to pick up your order at hauntx.

That said; I ordered and I have received a ship confirmation for fedEx ground. I do not believe they would make people pickup orders at the show.... for one they would have to get a NV tax code etc... which is simply a pita.... so why would they....

use code: XHAUNT15PRE
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Hey there

This coupon code is only good for people picking up at the show....THEY MUST PICK UP AT THE SHOW. It will not be shipping from Fedex. Since you did the order online it wouldnt require a Nevada tax code as we are simply bringing you the item to take with you
Your premise / argument is absurd.

First, I already have an order using the code in transit fedEx, Second, what you describe is illegal, it would be akin to claiming someone from out of state purchased an item online, Drove to your store to pickup and thus didn't have to pay the tax, which is blatantly false.

What you should have done is post a simple reminder that the code is for hauntx attendees.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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