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Frightmare Studios Basement Sale!

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every year i try to rework my props for the upcoming haunt season, the props that i cant use or wont work with the new layout get parted in the basement/used items sale. this is an ever growing list of props and stuff from previous frightmare haunts.

well since im going with an LED setup for 2009 i have decided to sell off pretty much all of the lighting fixtures from previous years. each fixture will include the candelabra base flickering bulb [with reducer if need be] to fill the socket(s) as well as a 110v power plug.

note: all images are clickable for full resolution.

single 'regular base' bulb lighting fixture. this fixture has been corpsed and painted, very old and dirty looking. 2 panels of the glass are still installed, the others were removed to light up the hallway or prop behind the fixture. asking: $40 postage paid.

single 'candelabra base' bulb "candle" fixture with power cord. this fixture was designed to look like a candle with dripping wax and a flickering bulb. asking: $20 postage paid.

double 'candelabra base' bulb with reducer wall fixture with power cord. the scone has been corpsed & painted, very dirty and old looking fixture. asking: $40 postage paid.

five 'candelabra base' bulb fixture with power cord. seven candle stack with two 'unlit' candles. fixture measures 9.5" w. 7" l. 10" h. asking: $50postage paid.

for more basement items swing over to www.frightmarestdios.com i try to update the site asap with for sale items.
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i have some c7 bulb spotlights & more single candle wall sconces that i will be listing as soon as i snap some shots. im going to say about 6 spots and 5 more sconces (various sizes). gotta pull myself from the haunt to snap shots. stay tuned.
those spot lights if u could post a picture....
those spot lights if u could post a picture....
i ended up using these last minute this year in the haunt and im debating using them in the future, BUT i will snap some shots of these and will consider putting more together if people are interested.

i will pull some out this week from the haunt and snap some shots for you.
just realized i cant edit my original post to update new items or anything :( so anyways.

Frightmare Fog Towers:
these 2 towers were used during the 2005 haunt and have been sitting in storage since, it is time to part with these. they used to have 100w floodlights inside the base that would shine up through the pipes as well as have a fog machine that would pump fog out of the tops. the inside 'guts' of the towers have been removed and is now only the base and pipes (setup to go back to the lamps and fog is easily achievable). the pipes are removable for storage.

the base of the towers is 4' tall, 2'x2' square. the pipes stand about 4.5' - 5' above the bases making the entire structure stand close to 9' tall. the pipes are painted matte black and the base is painted with a matte black base coat and given an aged look with a white dry brush.

the towers are NOT shippable pickup ONLY!
$50 for both towers.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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