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We wanted to make a prop for the little kids so we found an idea on the WEB. We tweeked it to match our needs. We are using 2 oz plastic shot glasses in 8 colors for the pegs. After drilling all those holes and gluing the heat proof rubber on the back and cutting slits in the rubber so the cups can slide in, we put the frame together. We put in three bar lights like you would have in a shop or under a cabinet. We were worried about heat but after 3 hour we tested it and it was only 91 degrees on the bulb and it was 83 outside all day! Hung it up on the posts, Paint it and add a sign and there we go. We put some in so you could see the way it will work.
Grass Wood Lawn Yard Plant
Pattern Design Polka dot Circle Pattern
Wood Plywood Wood stain Furniture Cupboard
Light Lighting Night Darkness Technology
Night Darkness Light Lighting Sky
Signage Grass Sign Gas Metal
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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