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Fright in Falcon 2014

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nice set up. How long does it take for the build?
Abunai, great job.
Beautifully lit, and you've got some seriously killer props! Would love to see a daytime walk through if you took one!
Thanks, all!

Shadowbat. The walls of the maze go up on Sept. 1st (hopefully all in a day, with an army of volunteers). Then my family spends the month of Sept. decorating, detailing, powering, lighting, running sound, etc. We're open every weekend in October.

im the goddess: The kneeling, corpsed skeleton in the dungeon was the one we made at the MnT this year :)

DarkhavenManor: I didn't, unfortunately, get daytime walkthrough video. I actually lost a lot of the video I took this year, including the wall setup, which I had planned to make a time-lapse with.
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Looks incredible Abunai, what a lot of work!! Really well done!
I got a kick out of your ticket booth! How did people like the Phantom Finder? I thought that was the neatest thing I saw at Scare L.A.

How did people like the Phantom Finder? I thought that was the neatest thing I saw at Scare L.A.

We saw Phantom Finder at MHC and thought it was a really cool concept too, and wanted to be an "early-adopter", since people are so attached to their mobile devices these days.
It turned out to be a bit on the "not-quite-ready-for-prime-time" side. Not all of the markers would trigger the effect. The app was too much of a hog for a lot of devices and would crash. The Facebook check-in functionality didn't work. Hopefully, they'll work out the bugs by next season.

Thanks for the compliment!
Your corpsed skeleton turned out well. Mine is still undone, and looks too content sitting in the garage smiling. LOL
abunai, nice set up. the walls are awesome, and you have some killer props.
Thank you, everyone, for the kind words.
I finally finished putting together the scare video footage:

Fantastic setup! I NEED that lurching baby :D
the lurching baby is very cool. but I love the drop down panel. good scares there.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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