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Hey folks, I hope this is in the right place. Admin please forgive me if it's not, I just couldn't find somewhere more appropriate.

I received my order from Victorian Trading a couple of days ago and I'm in LOVE with my new pumpkin head statuette. I didn't realise how big it is when I ordered it, and I'm super happy with it :D I got some awesome halloween lights and a few other nicknacks like some luminaries too.

Anywho, within my postage box I received a free wine voucher for $100 off when you spend $160 or more on a case. Now, I don't drink wine and I thought that someone here might like to make use of it. So as it came from a halloween order that I did I thought I might offer it to someone on this forum to pass on the love.
The first person to PM me and request the voucher will be sent the code and password to use on the website, nakedwines.com. I've used them before although the Australian branch and have been quite happy with their service and products. I'm unsure about what the American branch is like but I'm assuming they control the Aussie one too so it's probably similar.

The voucher has to be used by the 30th of September to use the voucher. The only thing that I ask is that if you would like the voucher but aren't 100% certain that you'll use it, please let me know when you PM me. That way if there is someone that will DEFINITELY use it they will get first dibs.
I can send photos of the voucher itself to show that it's legit (I'm too lazy to be a hacker or scammer haha) but you don't need the actual physical voucher card to make use of it.

And I'm assuming that anyone else that's done a halloween order from Victorian Trading will get one too, so keep your eyes out in your post. It was a nice suprise, that's for sure! I just wouldn't use it and I hope to be able to pass on the halloween cheer to someone else :D Mulled wine for your party might go down a treat and it's a good way to get it on the cheap :)
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