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FOOLISH MORTALS..... We are giving away a FREE album of Royalty Free Copyright Free Halloween Haunt soundtrack music. We love Halloween so much we are giving this away....

there are 1000 free downloads available until HALLOWEEN 2017. The aim of this collection was to write Royalty Free music that was genuinely professional quality.

To get yours:

Simply go to this link Click HERE

Hit buy now and enter 0 to get your free high quality download.

You can use the music how you like, youtube, podcasts, movies, games - all we ask is that you credit Sam Haynes or www.musicforhalloween.co.uk

Tracks included
Season of the witch - A John Carpenter esque 80s Horror theme
Sinister - dark, creepy ambient halloween music box theme music
A thing of darkness - Creepy piano music - would suit a haunt
House is haunted - Electro Halloween EDM music
Dread - Dark 80s horror theme
Twilight - Atmospheric creepy soundscape
The Horrors - A dark theme tune
Burial - Genuinely creepy theme would suit a doll house theme
Evil Calls - Atmospheric orchestral music
Mischief Night - Halloween Hip Hop music
3 Minutes to midnight - A hard EDM track
Ghost Voices - ghostly voices for your haunt
Nevermore - A hard electro horror hip hop beat
The Terror - Dark Ambient theme

Please spread the word and help support us to make more music

Happy Halloween 2017
Sam Haynes


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