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Free pumpkin animation and looking for suggestions

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Hi folks!

I decided to throw my hat in the ring with a new Halloween effects business focusing on the ever popular Pumpkin Animations category. I finally decided to put my animation skills to a better use than making gifs for reddit.

As a small token of thanks to the forums which I've been a long time lurker on, I'm offering a free Halloween Pumpkin animation download for a limited time. The animation that's being offered is of three pumpkins that lip synch to the 70's Redbone classic "Come and Get Your Love". Details to claim the offer are below:

Link to Animation: http://spooklabs.com/come-and-get-your-love-singing-pumpkin-animation/
Code to use on checkout: SPOOKMYPUMPKIN
Offer Expires: 09/23/2015

We also are looking for suggestions on what songs to do next, so feel free to email me your favorites. [email protected]

All the best!

SpookLabs Team
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I missed it as well, shame I am looking for new pumpkin animations. Problem for me is that I have a favorite set already, so I need to make sure the spacing of anything I add works for me. Free copy would of been perfect to experiment with.
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