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So I found a really cool website to mix ambient sounds for our yard haunt and wanted to share. The website is http://horror.ambient-mixer.com. I made the background ambient sounds with this website and then I mixed in sound effects using a free software called Audacity.

I thought I would include my mix if anyone is interested. These soundscapes could be used for a haunted house or haunted nursery.

The first one has a creepy mix of Lullaby and whispering

Haunted Lullaby

This one would make a good ambient background with creepy whispering.

Creepy Whispers

If you like them both together this would be a great soundscape for your haunt.

Creepy Mix

For more Yard Haunt sounds check out my post on my blog at www.wolfmooncemetery.blogspot.com where you can download the audio files.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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