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Free Fixer-upper Coffin Leaper; local pickup only. Manassas, VA

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Need the space in the Halloween shed; Free to anyone who wishes to 'jump' into pneumatics.

~5 foot toe pinch coffin, based on Scary Terri's design. All structure is wood, all mechanical is PVC based *except* the pneumatic ram, which is a screen door closer, modified to accept a standard coupler (it's a male junction). 1/4 poly air tube, with multiple holes to allow for the ram to retract slowly. You will need to make it more realistic with the skelly portion; it was my first shot. (9-10 years ago!) Stands ~8' tall at peak; jumps out about 1 - 2 feet, perpendicular to the foot of the coffin.

Built in 2005-2006, needs a bit of TLC to get it back to where it should be (or better).

Currently located in Prince William County VA, Near Manassas Airport. Might even be able to throw in an 'bottomless pit' if you are nice. :D

Attempting to attach images now... PM if interested & schedule pickup.



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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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