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This very unfortunate thing happened to my 60-inch skeleton companion, Vlad, last night. As I was loading things into a van to move, I picked him up by his spine, and the poor guy's spine just snapped in two. He was in a storage unit without air conditioning for quite some time a few years ago and the plastic became very brittle. His foot has been held on by a safety pin for a couple of years now. So it isn't worth it to me trying to glue his spine back together. I love Vlad, but it's time to let him go -- at least half of him. I'm keeping his upper torso, head and arms... but before I throw away the bottom half of his body, I thought perhaps a fellow Halloween enthusiast/haunter could make use of the remaining plastic bones. Take them all apart at the joints and create a bone pile, bury part of it under dirt so only pieces are exposed, etc.... you guys are crafty, I'm sure someone can make use of it!

Must be picked up in Tempe, AZ.

Skeleton Chair Joint Leg Furniture

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My skeletons break all the time. I cut a 2" piece of PVC tubing in half so that I have 2 C cuts. I pre-drill 4 drywall screws into each then place them on the break. Then screw the PVC to the spine. I use my skeletons as pirates and can cover the patch with clothes. This has worked great so far.
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