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I was at my local auto parts store (AZ) and they were stocking their snack area and I noticed the box the snacks came in. It was insulated on the inside with Styrofoam (expanded white beaded) sheets 2 inches thick, because they ship with an ice pack to keep the chocolate from melting. I asked if I could have it and they said sure they just toss it. So score some perfect size 2 inch Styrofoam sheets for tombstones or other props. The boxes are 24L x 16W x 19H and yield 6 sheets of foam, it is not attached to the inside of the box. Not sure what the delivery schedule is like, but if you are in (the Zone) then you might ask. It might be the same for other low snack stock stores, hardware, etc...
Top pic is one box worth (minus one end piece), bottom pic is two boxes worth.
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That's awesome! They look just the right size for a tombstone, or great for building a backdrop (I see large castle stonework as a possibility too).

I just found out about the Tractor Supply giant styro blocks and now this one... this could save haunters some big money so thanks for sharing!
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