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Well, after a long fight between my son and grandson about who came up with the idea, my son relented so my daughter and son-in-law constructed most of the styrofoam shell for the head. She completely forgot that I had a Hot Wire Foam Factory kit until she brought it over for me to install some LEDs for the eyes. It's just shaped hollow spheres and bits of foam that I had on hand. I epoxied the ears and they're solid as a rock.

We covered it using some fleece from Jo-Ann's stretched around a bit and Spray Tacky Glue. That stuff isn't very forgiving. The cheeks are just rolled up fleece. In retrospect, we should have attached those first, then done the scalp but we had planned on using pipe insulation and didn't come up with that idea until later. Jaw is movable, but not controllable. Total time on my part was about seven hours plus lots of their time, but now that we've done it once and aren't having to invent the wheel as we drive the car, we could probably build another one in about three or four.

He was a big hit at school and while TOTing. Lots of kids and some adults knew who we was.


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