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Freddy Creature Reacher Prop

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Let me start by saying i am an advocate for the Creature Reacher costumes, but this one they need to go back to the drawing board one. For an MSRP of $350 and an advertised Masterpiece Series, I would have been pretty angry to open the box to this. Good thing I only paid $80. First, the design of the knives on the right hand are so poor i cant believe it ever left the design studio let alone mass produced. See pictures below, they don't even stay attached to the fingers.

Finger Hand Arm Leg Glove

I cut them open and gave them some structure. This is what i pulled out:

Tile Floor Flooring Water Hand

This is what i made to put in along with the piece i took out, I just trimmed what they had in there to stiffen the blades. I removed the elastic straps that were glued to the latex (of all things) and attached them to the metal frame I put inside, then cut a couple small slits in the latex to run the elastic through.

Tile Flooring Floor Leg Technology

I removed the elastic straps that were glued to the latex (of all things) and attached them to the metal frame i out inside. this is the difference:

Hand Finger Arm Leg Thumb

The second complaint is the fact that this mask unlike any of the others has no neck and chest plate to bind the costume and mask. Again, this is supposed to be a $350 costume, you shouldn't see my neck sticking up out of the costume. It took forever to get this thing adjusted so i was comfortable with the way it sits on the prop.

Third, the sleeves on the sweater are not large enough to go around the gloves like the rest of the Creacher Reacher costumes. While it isn't a necessity, it looks quite tacky with a big pair of gloves over your sleeves. Again, something I would expect from a Masterpiece Series costume. see the pics below:

Theatrical property Zombie Mask Fictional character Fiction

I sewed in an expansion into the back of the sleeves in order to get over the end of the gloves so it looks like its his hands and not like Freddy is in the middle of doing the dishes and scrubbing floors with big rubber gloves on. Keep in mind I haven't stuffed the arms yet, I just got him put back together to check the fit. Bottom line is that the sleeves should have been WAY bigger in diameter:

Pink Footwear Textile Shoe Magenta

Mask Helmet Personal protective equipment Costume Headgear

I will post more when he is done. The final change was that i did not use the black pants that came in the box. I went to Good Will and bought a brown pair of pants. I still need to stuff this guy and give him some boots.
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Well, I got his hand done, replaced the elastic so it wouldn't end up cutting into the latex... Only I think I'm going to have to strip the latex off the foam and refill it. The middle finger has a section in the center of the finger where the foam is only the diameter of my thumb. Not nearly enough to move his hand in any position except like it is pointing down or pointing straight up because the finger bends over under the weight of the knives. I noticed it when I first put the knives on his hand. Does anyone know how long it takes for spray can insulation foam takes to set up inside something like a latex glove? Do I need to worry about it expanding too much and splitting the fingers open?

Hand Finger Nail Musical instrument Glove

Leg Weaving
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Ok Freddy Krueger is done.... About time...

Fictional character Costume Mask

Room Fictional character Costume Art Furniture
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