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Freaky Tiki 2014

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Party is over, and it was a success. I seriously have to thank my reapers this year. Y'all provided soooo many of our decorations!

Green Adaptation House Plant

Skeleton Art Theatrical property

Table Party

Light Magenta Purple Lighting Pink

Tree Jungle Plant Art Night

Lighting Geological phenomenon Tree Night Plant

Serpent Snake Terrestrial animal Scaled reptile Reptile

Fashion Mural Art Textile Painting

Most of the party took place in the back yard, so I think I'm going to reorganize some props for a simple yard haunt for trick or treaters tonight.
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Looked good Amyml. I would have never even thought of this theme...but It looks like a very fun idea! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
it all looks fantastic way to go

i love the walk way with the gate so cool and the pond
Just a couple of other notes on the party. We served pulled pork and a variety of sweet goodies. The food was a hit.

I set up a scavenger hunt type game where participants had to find 8 tikis hidden around the yard. Each tiki had a word on it (tiki, hula, hot, bones, etc.) Once they had found and written down all 8 words, they could turn in their paper for a prize. The game was a hit and was very low maintenance for anyone not wanting to man a game station all night.

I played a mix of luau/hula type music and tribal drumming. The kids loved to dance during the hula parts and the more dramatic drumming worked well with the tiki totems set up around the yard.

This was a fun theme that was pretty easy to do. Existing Halloween decorations could be incorporated by dressing them up. I thought my standing zombie looked quite dashing in his Hawaiian shirt, visor, and leis!
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This looked like so much fun! Great set up and I love the painted flamingo.
Thanks for sharing :)
Your party set-up looks so fun! We are planning this theme for next year, so I am really happy to see that yours was a success. I love all the bright colors. Your dress was very cute on you too.
That looks great! Love the tikimingo and the big idols and torches around the pool. That kaleidoscope lighting really works for this theme, too - perfect!
Very nice! I remember your post about the tikis from before, they looked great in the yard along with everything else. Your tiki flamingo came out great too. There is just something about a tropical tiki-like setting that just says relax and enjoy. Nice dress too!

Before I forget, what was on the menu? Curious what was a hit and if anything was a skip-next-time.
The menu was pulled pork, beans, and salad (raspberry vinaigrette). There were also lots and lots of desserts since my mom likes to back. The centerpiece was a pineapple upside down cake (to stick with the theme), but the biggest hit were individual sized cheesecakes. There wasn't much food left, so as far as I know, there weren't any duds.
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