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Everyone should have your victim's name, address and information now. Let me know if you didn't get yours.

Reminders about our one item Secret Reaper. You are to spend only around $13 on the gift and also no more than that amount on shipping (give or take a couple of dollars) Remember the purpose is to have fun, but also equal the field of items and money spent PLUS stretch our creativity!

Several have asked about something that is a kit of some type so to keep us all thinking the same we will refer to the Reaper gift as one unit but it can have multiple items if they make up a so called “kit”. (example: a potion kit, spell kit, Vampire Killing Kit, etc.) Does that make sense?

Again, I was just trying to give a challenge, but also encourage some to join who have been intimidated by the regular Secret Reapers. We do have several who have joined saying they did so because of the one item.

Victim names are out a couple of days early so you can get started now. Shipping deadline is by April 1. Please PM me when you ship and the tracking number.

Happy Reaping and HAVE FUN!!!!!

The following 19 people are participating in this weird one item Secret Reaper

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scareme shipped to victim

Have fun!!!!!

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The lists are below. On a few, I copied and pasted some of the extra that you posted on this thread. Trying to keep up with things. Sheesh this is hard work. My hat is off to bethene for all the huge SR and to saki for all the ones she coordinates.

LISTS FOR THOSE SIGNED UP JUST SO EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT IDEAS WERE GIVEN. Each Reaper should have his/her victims list in a PM.

1. TheHalloweenKing (and his missus)
There are two main themes this year.
The main one is a very large, creepy witch, in a graveyard theme.

-In need of a large cauldron
-This witch - http://www.ebay.com/itm/351167404319...:MEBIDX:IT
- Tombstone for an old witch's grave
-Outdoor green spotlights to witches
I do know that Halloween Wifey would absolutely love a Jack Skellington apron, if we get a reaper who sews. I think most people who cook or bake a lot would appreciate an apron
We're having a witch set up theme within a cemetery, outside. Looking for cemetery creepiness, as in (smaller) or larger if you have no problem in doing so.....tombstones and if you have a cheaper fog machine that was maybe caught on sale after Halloween, green flood lighting, small groundbreakers, ( or large, if you would like to make) groundbreakers. Things that will work with that theme outside.

**Also interested in a light swag with the black fabric strips and different colored Halloween lights... either purple, green, orange or all colors.**

Someone made one of these recently.

**Always looking for cool *Jack Skellington stuff.**
A hand carved Jack Skellington JOL, perhaps...they are lightweight.

2.Stinkerbell and Frog Prince
Our Haunting style is all over the map, we've done just about everything but clowns we're not into clowns. We're into creepy not bloody/gory. We have a wall with cemetery photos, we'd like to add more stones to our cemetery display. Things for our witches shelves - skulls, potion bottles, spell books, caged/bottled creatures.

3. Saki.girl
Ok so for me its all about witches this year my party is Gathering of witches 2015 I am doing several different scene they are Oz wicked witch, voodoo witch, Salem witch trial witch, gypsy witch, soul taker witch, snow white witch, and witch potion table set up. So anything for one of the séance would be great .
Do not like blood, guts, clowns or dolls (voodoo dolls ok)

4. bethene
I do a small cemetery with a spider. area, and small witch area. so anything to go with that. I love the Halloween art work, knick knacks, fancy witch hat, love the items that have been sewn. love witchy items but have enough potion bottles, not into zombie babies, clowns

5. Candy Creature
Oh Leprechaun Reaper, send me something to represent a Candy Creature so that I can take a picture of it to use for my icon since I got no takers for my make me an icon contest thread, or send me any traditional Halloween item.

6. LadyGoats
I've got a fenced-in cemetery that's lacking in ambient light and groundbreakers and hope to have a cauldron creep set up by my front door this year. Anything that might work with either of those will be perfect.

7. UnOrthOdox
Doing a "Harvest" theme in the yard. Love skulls, and decorate my office with general Halloween decor. Wife likes crafty things in the house, Talia likes plush animals/dolls and jewelry. No blood/gore.

8. zombiesmash
My haunt represents the "Haunted Estate" of an old eccentric who's never seen. It features a cemetery, swamp, many wandering creatures, and a peek inside his mansion featuring portraits, potions, antiques, a dungeon, and collections of Egyptian treasures.

9. geige
I have been stalking around this site for a bit now…I think I’m ready to jump in and join this! This sounds like lots of fun!!!

I’m not pickey…guts, gore, zombies, skulls, creepy dolls…I love it all! I am planing on expanding my graveyard this year, adding some ghosts & witches to my side yard, and turning my living room ino a demonic nursery.

10. booswife02
I'm doing a Hocus Pocus/Witch scene in my front yard this year. Anything to go with that would be great. I'd love a creature in a cage, maybe a fairy or something that would look good on my witch shelves. I always want Jack O Lanterns. I'm a new Wiccan/Witch so if you know anything about these things I'd love something for my altar. I don't have one yet. Anything you choose will be great! Thank you so much.

PS. I do have a Pinterest account with tons of boards and info if that would help you.

11. printersdevil
I love witches and everything about them. This year I am adding all conjurers including sorcerers, fortune tellers and wizards I am just getting started on the wizards so anything that direction would be awesomely welcome. I also have a cemetery that I want to expand. So anything for a creepy cemetery . would love a small stone for a witch, wizard, sorcerer or sorceress or fortune teller.

12. texaslucky
We are planning to do a butcher shop walk thru in our basement this year and have nothing of that kind of stuff. Also want to have a big cemetery out front. No theme for party just Halloween fun. But I do love witches, ghosts and JOLs. COuld use just about anything.

13. LairMistress
I don't use rotting, festering, dismembered, bloody, oozing stuff; no babies/kids/animals in any form of distress. No roaches,maggots, or flies. No clowns, aliens, toxic, science lab, medical stuff.

I have an abandoned cemetery/abandoned caretaker house theme, with the usual expected creatures (ghosts, imps, skeletons, bats, cats, spiders). Unfortunately, no one sees the inside of the house, but I do decorate it for our own enjoyment.


a 4 inch or larger old-looking bell with a loop on top (to re-make my Dead Ringer prop--doesn't have to be real, just realistic)

battery operated flying bats

table top size blow mold lamps (I have a Jack o'lantern headed scarecrow)

Victorian/Goth/vintage reproduction decor; I love dark, antiquey things, and age and wear make it more interesting

headless horseman tombstone

Cloaks (dark colors)
Handmade Items
Skulls all shapes and sizes
Witchy items
Grave yard
I am easy to please what ever you send I'm sure I will like it.

Cutesy items

15. Hilda
Whoever stalks me will immediately see I do a large outdoor whimsical blowmold display...
BUT I don't need anything for that! We are completely changing direction!
We are working on an indoor whole house party theme. Haunted Inn with different themes in each room.
I am currently gathering together items for a basement laboratory. Soooo Anything funky and creepy for the lab would be COOL. Anything specimen-ish would work... a jar or skelly anything would be awesome! I love fake critters of any kind!!
Just not TOO gory or TOO glittery. Keeping it creepy is the target.

16. Paint it Black
Our display this year is called, "Forbidden Tiki Island." Going for a creepy, tropical, island, witch doctor, cannibals, skulls, headhunters, shrunken heads type of thing. I also like anything Halloween in general.

17. witchykitty
I don't have much of a theme...outdoors I have a realistic, spooky/creepy graveyard (no gore/zombies), and I also have JOL/pumpkin things...indoors I decorate with many things and am easy to please, but love witches, cats, owls and pumpkins the most! I have a Pinterest page in my signature that you can check out for ideas and you can see my albums and past reaper lists for more info if you'd like. (I am a vegetarian/animal lover, so no real dead animals/bones/parts ect.)

18. ooojen
I guess what I'll mention for my general wants is my Frankenstein's lab. Since I've received more things for other areas from recent reaps, I think that one might have the most wide-open opportunity.
I'd love some things for Dr. Frankenstein's lab. I want the lab to have an eerie feel, but not be crude or gory. Any sort of prop to fit the lab of a Victorian(ish) mad scientist would be great. Switches, dials, monitor lights, or any other parts to build with would be great too.
It's fine if stuff skews more modern than classic early Victorian, but I'm not looking for anything with a USB port.
I already have quite a bit of lab glassware thanks to my DD.
I'm not looking for actual dead animals or any hard-core gore-oriented specimens.
Thank you potential reaper!

19. scareme
I'm still looking for dolls. Cheap, I'm going to tear them up anyway dolls. I also need some of those cheap grass skirts from Dollar Tree. Mine hasn't gotten them in yet. I love thrift store items. With spring here, any decoration I could stick in my yard. I'm always into vintage Halloween. I will love what ever I get.

Anyway, I'm in. As I've said to anyone who will listen, (I feel like a broken record) I'm doing dolls this year. I love all the dolls everyone has sent. But I'm going for numbers, so I'll take all the broken down dolls you've got. I'm always into vintage Halloween, and really, pretty well anything. If you find that odd thing at a thrift store, I love it. As for what I don't do, anything with satan. I'm in the bible belt and the devil doesn't go over big down here.

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My list in the sign up thread has a tiny bit more description of likes for my graveyard set up than is in the list above. (I am guessing it was copied and pasted for this thread right before I edited it, lol.) So, just in case my reaper really needs that info, you can check that list. :)

People are already starting to send!!! It will only be a matter of a short time before we get to start seeing pics!!!

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Omg if I am your victim I would love that real skull
It would go great with my bear skull that's real and my real wolf skull

Your art skull looks fantastic so far too
Saki, you will never know how funny it is that you said this...

Dee, I agree! But who really knows what some people are okay with pulling out of a box from a stranger..?

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I was given a cow skull from the high plateau of California. but a few months after it became displayed in my Haunt in Illinois .. something in that room began to.. stink!
A little "Brain Matter"does . Matter. (It had lost all taste.)
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When I was in town a little over a week ago, DD texted me from home that she'd gone for a walk and found me something:
View attachment 237930
Gotta love surprises!
(But that said, I don't want anything killed just so I can decorate with its remains!)
very cool skull
and I so agree I would not want to have anything killed so I could decorate with it either that would be bad karma .
I actual have respect for the skulls I have may sound crazy to some .

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Awesome!! Loving the colors..! May have to take some inspiration from that!!
It's rustic! It was in the woods, so there was some moss and algae as well as age stains and some mouse nibbles. DD cleaned the dirt off (little sweetheart!) but didn't scrub away the atmospheric part.
No horns on mine, though. Yours looks more southwestern, as well it should!

Just read your comment Gym! Ew! lol! I'm sure this one is old enough to be nature-cleaned long ago. I'm still going to store it outside though.
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