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Frankies Girl/Terra; painting suggestions

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I'm close to putting some color on a small grave marker. This will be the top, and I'd like the rest of the marker to match as closely as possible. The marker is made from foam. I'd appreciate any suggestions you can give with regards to a color technique. Wondering first about a base coat; gray? off white? It almost has an alabaster look to it with darker (grayish green) highlights. What would be a good way to get the highlights. You gals came to mind first with your mad skills, but anyone can chime in. Thanks!

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First off, that is going to look awesome as a grave marker!

Okay, to match up you need to determine what base color it is. It's hard for me to tell colors on a computer so these are guesses. On your pallet take some white and a tiny, tiny dab of gray to get that alabaster color. I can't tell if it has an ivory tone to it, if so, add some yellow. Keep futzing around until you think you've got it close. Then find an inconspicuous spot on the angel and paint a bit on and let dry (have some wine...well, that's what I would do.)

If you've got it right, make a bigger batch of that color and paint the stone. Now, using a dark gray thinned out with a lot of water, paint in any crevices to give it that aged look. Feather the edges to help it blend in. To make the highlights, take some of your base color and really lighten it with white. Then take a big dry brush and dip it in the paint and brush a lot of the extra paint off on a paper towel and then 'dry brush' the whole thing. It will paint the raised areas and help it look like stone and age it.

For that green, I can't see it well in the picture but I'm thinking a moss green lightened with white. Or maybe an olive green would be better. You could dry brush that in a few areas (not the whole thing). EDIT: I think I do see that green. It actually looks like a forest green.....Well, either way, try to match up that green color with paint that you have.

Hope that helps :)
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