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Frankies Girl/Terra; painting suggestions

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I'm close to putting some color on a small grave marker. This will be the top, and I'd like the rest of the marker to match as closely as possible. The marker is made from foam. I'd appreciate any suggestions you can give with regards to a color technique. Wondering first about a base coat; gray? off white? It almost has an alabaster look to it with darker (grayish green) highlights. What would be a good way to get the highlights. You gals came to mind first with your mad skills, but anyone can chime in. Thanks!

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(awwww, that's cool you thought of me! :D )

Terra is the expert as far as I'm concerned, and she's got the best route to matching the piece.
I'm just applying my painting skills from my artsy fartsy background. ;)

Something that worked for me is to start light and go dark. If you can't match it perfectly right off the bat, thinned washes (thinned with water) of browns, grays or greens can be brushed/sponged over the surface.

Not like water tinted with a touch of paint, you want it opaque but runny. I apply it with a brush and don't mind if it runs, but if it looks odd then dab at it with a sponge.

This is not counting putting the dark paint into the recessed areas FIRST and letting that dry. THEN put on the overall light color and trying to keep it out of the recessed areas... I still have to go back and touch up some spots where the washes get into the wording (fine tipped artist's brush and the black/dark gray) once the rest of the stone is how I want it.

The advantage of using washes is twofold:

1. You can always wipe off washes before they dry if you think it went too far.

2. Building up layers of transparent tints adds depth and character, making the painted object that much more realistic.

The disadvantage is that it takes longer for the #@#$ thing to dry and start the next wash, so you can mess it up if you try to go too fast. :(

With that beautiful sleeping angel, I'd definitely start out painting the recesses a medium to dark gray and then after it dried, I'd do a very pale off-white and see how it looks, maybe do one wash of very pale brown or gray (can't tell whether it leans more towards one or the other).

Good luck, and remember, even if it isn't a perfect match (and they never are) it will look close enough with the right lighting.
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