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Frankenstein repaint

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My Girlfriend and I repainted my Frankenstein sculpt this year to give it a more realistic look... Hope you all like it.

As compared to last year....
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Cool repaint Lilgeek!
I like the variation and discolouration in the skin tone where the various body parts have been sown on..a nice realistic touch.

That's a great sculpt..Whats it made from?

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Very Nice everything! I love the definition in your sculpt. Realistic but not
exact. Just right, to be spooky maybe real. I like your re-paint better than the first. However, the first wasn't too shabby either. I am sure it might depend on where you had him and the lighting. But Wow ..very nice prop !

Edit: As I was exiting....the eyes caught me. Amazing eye area. Very real. ..oooooh creeepy.
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