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I am building a jacob's ladder and several other props for my Frankenstein lab in my haunt. I am trying to locate some clear plastic tubing that is around 6" OD in lengths up to 4 ft. It doesn't have to be real thick. The stuff they ship tennis balls in would work great if it were larger. Any suggestions or links greatly appreciated!

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I bought a "yard of taffy" in a tube for x-mas one year and saved the clear plastic tube it came in for a project; this probably would be what you are looking for. You might try looking in home furnishing stores for decor-related items that come in a sleeve, but unfortunately the only things that spring to mind are things like x-mas ornaments (I've seen clear plastic tubes with 6-9 ornaments in them at places like Target, but only at x-mas time). Maybe check out places like Home Goods, Marshalls, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Tuesday Morning for any decor items in sleeves? But you'd have to pay whatever the actual items cost just to get the packaging!

If you could go with thinner diameter, you might check out something like these:

Florescent tube protectors (sacrifice the OD for cheap price)

Packaging tubes (OD is 5" x 4' lengths, so they would be pretty good, but expensive at 7 tubes per box right at $100)

Small, not exactly what you're looking for, but might be doable just for the price (set of 8 at $3.25 or 90 for $22.50) If you have a steady hand, might be able to hot glue them together or even use some steampunk type of connectors that might look retro and work with your Jacob's Ladder.
This is the only site so far that I personally know and trust also (all other links are buy at your own risk since I know nothing about them)

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I have a 5 ft Jacob's Ladder that I have never used on Halloween because I can't find anything to put it in. It has been sitting in the attic for over 3 years. The plastic tubing that I have checked out is to expensive.
I just saw these the other day and am thinking about trying the 2nd one.

The first one is made with a glass vase but is only 27" high.

The send one is square and built with sheet plastic. I love the decorations on the sides!
By building the plastic box you could make it any size you want. I'm guessing this one is over 4" by the garage door behind it.

Post here or PM me if you find anything else

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Ok, so i am doing a similiar theme and look as well. I have some questions that i will repost in a new thread. for you, have you looked at like popcorn tubes or at a glass shop, sometimes they have long cylindrical tubes for vases and whatnot. or look for long skinny flower vases online. I am looking at this site for inspiratioin, he has a jacbos ladder, it looks so cool, in a glass type structure. here you go, such killer props..


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Maybe you could get a heavy, flexible plastic sheet 4 feet long by 20 inches wide, roll it into a cylinder, and glue it along the seam. You could position the seam at the back of the display, so it would be unnoticable.
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