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Found this on the curb, ideas?

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Passing a house in the neighborhood, I found this. I thought it had a creepy vibe and threw it in my truck. I've actually never did that before, but I have to say, it feels pretty good getting something for free. Anyway, any ideas on what I can do with it? I thought about having my daughter hide in it and pop out. Chest Furniture Plywood Wood Floor
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4 words for you: "Monster In A Box." Go look it up. :D

If you do the hiding thing with your daughter, remove that latch on the front, so she can't accidentally get trapped inside.

You could use it for a fog machine and chiller.
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since its your daughter maybe a jill-in-the-box?

like a jack-in-the-box . paint it colorful add a bar on the side like a fake crank and presto.

i guess it depends on your theme. nice score!
I think you'll be able to find inspiration on this page. http://www.pinterest.com/zim2/halloween-cratescagesbooths/
or that creepy monster in the box thing from Creepshow. you could put a bumble ball in it.
Wow-- you all have great ideas, I just youtubed the monster in the box--these guys make it sound and look so freakin easy. I am seriously dense when it comes to mechanics.
I was thinking decorate it as a toy box, and have your Daughter dressed up as a freaky porcelain or rag doll, you could put other things around her, teddy bears, trains and other dolls and then make her move as people come past. Or decorate the box in circus stripes and write on Circus Props and have her dressed up as a freaky clown, she could squirt people with a water pistol or something :)
That sounds like a great idea too. Maybe jump on the Annabelle bandwagon. @offmymeds, what is s bumble ball???
Even if you are not mechanically inclined, Put one portable CD player inside with load moaning sounds along with a strobe light, cut small holes around the box so the light will be seen and place a fake chain over it. Make people wonder and it is something simple.
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