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Found this light at biglots today---pretty cool

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My wife picked this up for me today. On my way back to get a couple more. All plastic and led. 12$.

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That's even cheaper than what I paid. Going to check our HD out.
I would love to create this effect with a fluorescent bulb. Does anyone have any ideas on that. I am helping with a charity haunt and I want to have a modern looking lab where an experiment has gone terribly wrong. I thought a flickering (and buzzing) light would fit perfectly.
Checked my local HD and they didn't have any goods out yet, but went back to BL...I couldn't resist.

I grabbed 2 boxes of the string of flickering attic lights. I went to pay and the girl was like..."Halloween stuff already!?"

I was thinking yeah, you have no idea. It's always Halloween for me :cool:
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