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Found some great inspiration with costumes, haunts, creatures, makeup, food & crafts!

:D Hello! I stumbled across some Halloween inspiration links today & thought I'd share. They could fit into a lot of categories, but it's a lot of great eye-candy if you have a few minutes to take a look. Each link has a ton of photos gathered from a variety of spots.

27 Disgustingly Awesome Ways to Take Halloween to the Next Level -

This one has awesome food & makeup images/tutorials. I think the fingernails were disgustingly awesome, and I've never seen the bone marrow shot glasses before - they could probably be made by using some sculpting clay around a clear shot glass.
The maggoty throat cut is sooooooo gross! LOL!

25 Scares from Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights 2013 -

Lots of prop, creature & haunt inspiration here! #7 where the "bodies" are sitting along the wall & then jump out to get you would scare the you know what right out of me!! There are some scary clowns & zombies here too.

15 Handmade Halloween Items You Can Enjoy All Year -

Lots of photo inspiration here for stuff you can find at a thrift store & update. I love the old teacup with the poison image inside, and the skeleton cameo ring is GORGEOUS!!! The #12 skeleton candle holder image is neat - I bet someone here could figure out how to do something like that. The Ouija Board doormat would be awesome for a fortune teller!

32 Family or Group Costume Ideas -

Love the Labrynth group! The dog is fantastic!
"You remind me of the babe!
What babe?
The babe with the power!
What power?
The power of Voodoo!
Who do?
You do!
Remind me of the babe!" :D

The Avengers family is great too! Oh, and Beetlejuice, can't forget them!

Can you guys tell that Buzzfeed is one of my favorite "time waster" websites? :rolleyes:
Anyway, I really enjoyed looking at all the Halloween ideas & hope you do too!
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