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If anyone has these party stores near you and you havent been in recently you might be pleasantly surprised. :3

For my 29th b-day I am doing a halloween theme with a Buffy the vampire slayer flair. (stake in the cake , ect. mutant enemy logo...)

So Im cruisin' the isles looking for cheap stuff and all the way in back is a huge aisle with halloween items, marked down and then additional 75% off of it. So here I am grabbing like a crazy woman and I had three sales clerks ask me if i needed help, lol. They kept giving me some looks and one was pretty helpful pointing out that the christmas items were on sale back there too, hehe.

So I grabbed a ton of those electric single and cluster of 3 candles for .50 cents and .25 cents, halloween bev naps and paper plates for .12 cents to .35 cents a package, various accessories, window clings, tons of battery flicker candle votives, black/oranges garland, some props (nothin special but I was thinking I could tear em down into somthing later) and a cool tub with a spiderweb design on it to hold my adult beverages.

Nothing over $1 each! I had the whole tub filled up for less than $20. On top of that my local iparty stores have an online coupon for 20% you can print out and bring in and use that for anything that isnt on sale so that had knocked off additional $5 from my tally. Im super happy!

Biggest purchase of the day was at Joannes for some black tulle to cover my chairs with. I went to 2 ipartys and they both had stuff! Check it out!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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