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Forum wide Scavenger Hunt...?

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Hello and happy haunting to all you forum friends!

Well, while sitting at work the other day I caught an off handed remark about a party some customers had been involved with that had a really cool scavenger hunt and it got me thinking...I wonder if that could work on the forum? Are there any other folks that think a forum wide hunt would be a fun new game?

Could make it such that there is a nice prop that goes to the winner...would have to set up a sign up star and finish like SR and a set numder of days to get a picture of each list item posted... I would love to give this a try if there is enough interest. :D
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Another forum I use to be on did one every year. . Sponsor's would have an i cons hidden on their site. when you found it and clicked on it it would go into your score card.
I was thinking more along the line of a list of items each participant would receive when the the sign up closed. They would then have "X" number of days/weeks to snap a picture of their items and post to the forum. And the first one to post the complete list wins the prop. It would also have to have a deadline I'm thinking.
oooh sounds like fun!
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